Flexisite – Build your own Static site

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Product Design
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Full Stack Development
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V1 = 2 months
On Going = New features

Flexisite started as the Pandemic hit, my business partner challenged me with saying we need to give away 5 websites to help companies get online during these times. So instead of building 5 websites, I built a platform that builds headless static websites.

The Opportunity

Building out static sites are the latest “craze” to hit the web development community. The are various benefits from blazing fast performance, seamless scalability, simplified hosting, auto backups, security and purely just the ease of choice to make decisions down the road.

The Solution

The problem is, it’s time consuming to build and you need to have fairly component front-end development skills to piece a static site together. Flexisite takes care of all that hassle by allowing you to add content to a very familiar WordPress backend and the we use our own building block templates to build up the pages.