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1 Fetch



My Role

Product Design
Product Owner
Front-end Development


6 Weeks

1Fetch, a new and upcoming start-up focussing on same day, on-demand motorbike courier service for small packages, knew they had to keep up with technology for their business to survive. We helped them do a complete rebrand from branding, to a new website, mobile app and back office system to manage their drivers and orders.

Brand Development

We gave the 1 Fetch brand a complete overhaul, from concept to final delivery. The yellow “flag” is the stamp of quality that all their deliveries carries, the 1 in the negative space joins this flag and the word fetch together to form to overall logo mark. There is also a shortened version with just the flag, 1 and F that could be used as an Icon when needed.


Website App

The website front-end app is a lightweight HTML5 web app powered by Javascript. The user has the ability to generate a quote based on their delivery requirements before placing their order. Orders are pushed to a central backend to facilitate the business administration and driver scheduling.

Account Pages
Homepage with list of benefits
Custom Quoting Page
Quick Onboarding Process

Blog Platform

To keep the web app light, we decided to separate their newsroom into a standard WordPress blog. We developed a theme to match the look and feel of the web app to keep the experience seamless on the frontend. The user would never tell that they are visiting two different platforms, it all seamless experience to the user.

Blog Landing Page

App Designs

The App is the ultimate drawcard that keeps our users in touch with our brand. They can quickly place a new order, track previous orders or manage their accounts. We designed and developed the complete user journey for the App from customer on boarding, placing your order, to managing your previous orders.

New Client Onboarding
Accounts (Login/Register)
App Landing Page
Quote Builder

Working with BIGBrave was a seamless and very professional experience. They were responsible for the design and the rebranding of 1Fetch and the result is something we are very proud of. We believe that we have future proofed our brand with a clean, slick, quirky and at the same time professional look.

Our website, which is not only for information purposes but has functionality that drives our business, came together perfectly. It is well laid out, informative, functional and represents the professionalism that is core to our value offering at 1Fetch. A job well put together by BIGBrave in conjunction with our developers.

On a lighter note, one of our first meetings was on St Patrick ’s Day in 2017 and the green coloured draft beer, as opposed to a standard cappuccino, enjoyed over the course of the meeting was testament to the flair and creativity that BIGBrave brings to the party.

Jason Psillos
CEO, 1Fetch