Over the years I've learned that the right tools at the right time can amplify your offering and save you valuable time. Here's a collection of the tools and services I've come to love in the field of design, development and overall business processes.

Development & Delivery Tools

Design Tools


Virtual Whitebaording

Miro is one of those tools with so many layers that it can basically do anything. I've mostly used it for information gathering and analysis as a virtual whiteboard. It's super easy to get people involved and start adding virtual "stickies" onto the whiteboard, sorting, voting and reporting is all built in for ease of use. Never have you to worry about running out of "stickies" or storing them afterwards again...


Visual Feedback

One of the most frustrating things must be the ability to get clear feedback from stakeholders. Pastel helps save time and confusion by giving the reviewer a visual way to tag and comment directly on your designs or actual website! This means once you get the feedback you immediately know what's expected, and making changes are super easy and efficient...


Design Tool

I use Figma daily for UI and UX design. It's one of those tools that helps our team to create, prototype, test and ship better designs from start to finish. My favourite part is it's all in the cloud and readily available for anyone to just start creating. With all the shared libraries, new team members are up and running in minutes...

InVision & Craft

Design Prototyping

InVision with their Craft plugin should be part of any designer's toolkit. They say a good prototype is worth a 1,000 meetings - This is true for the sense that it's saved me countless back-and-forths and help me express my vision by quickly building a prototype and getting buy in from all stakeholders...

Productivity Tools


Information Gathering

Typeform is one of those tools that's a real timesaver. We use it all the time to collect information, do customer surveys or user research. The world is built on information and collecting it quick, easy and your own way means you're in control. What I love most about Typeform is that it's not just another survey tool, it's built around being an experience for your user built from the ground up for mobile specifically, so getting responses from people on the go has never been easier.


Agile Workflow

Clubhouse is one of those tools that it just clicked as soon as you start using it. It makes it really easy to compartmentalise your different projects, apps, and "stories" the piece of work that needs to get done. It's makes it easier and more enjoyable to plan and build with your teams, wherever you are. What I love about it is that its "Agile Development" best practices without being overwhelming...


Data Organisation

We all have a love hate relationship with spreadsheets... in my option it's because they're boring and not easy to share around, versions get outdated, etc. Airtable is part spreadsheet, part database, part forms, part Kanban board. The overall focus is allowing you to organise your data in your own way, and obviously sharing and collaborating is super easy... Give Airtable a chance when you think of creating your next spreadsheet...


Task Management

Trello is a lightweight tool that makes sense as part of any tool box. We use it manage production and creative teams when you just don't need the heavy lifting of a full on workflow tool. You are literally set-up in seconds and can just start creating your first board and track your tasks. It's honestly never been easier.


All-in-one workspace

One could get lost between all the tools and what goes where... Notion is one of those tools meant to help you create order out of all the clutter. Some people describe it as a Database giving you full control, I like to see it as a tool where you're fully in control to create anything you need, from notes, tasks, a knowledge base to full on project management. How you use it is up to your imagination.


Time Tracking

As the saying goes: "Time is money", and what Harvest helps you to do is track your time to ensure your spending that time well. You can easily set-up projects allocate time-budgets and just start tracking. You'll get alerts if you start encroaching your budget and they have some of the best reporting available to help you understand where your time actually goes. Definitely worth a try in my option!

Remote Working Tools