I create human-centered products & services that are simple, beautiful & easy to use.

Where did it start?

For as long as I could remember I was intrigued by thinking with my hands, creating experiences and putting other people first. I believe these traits built the ideal set of values to adopt a user-centered design approach to everything I do. This means I am not merely executing ideas, but also thinking about the impact it has on the user and what unmet needs we might unveil and identify as opportunities to create value in someone’s life.

Have you always done this?

I have been passionate about design and the digital landscape from a young age, starting my career over 15 years ago with my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18. I have obtained extensive experience in the business and digital landscape since then and because of that, I am capable and confident in delivering solutions and experiences for our users that not only align them with current industry standards but would also answer business needs.

Where do you get your motivation?

Everything I do starts with ‘why’, securely placing the underlying purpose at the centre of any solution or experience I create. I am a life-long learner subscribing to the idea that one needs to continuously expand your skillset and keep up with the exponentially growing digital industry in order to constantly expand your skillset. I love the fast pace and the challenge it brings to continually improve myself. This puts me in the ideal position to create digital experiences that are dynamic and forward thinking.

What’s your edge?

I place a lot of value on quality and always strive for perfection in my work, giving something that extra level of polish it deserves. This makes one of my biggest assets attention to detail. Another attribute that gives me an edge is the fact that I am extremely goal orientated and always future focused. This ensures that I always give 120% from the word go, and I believe in delivering successful solutions that meet our objectives and becomes the transparent ‘glue’ solidifying our customer’s experience with our brand.

What makes you get up in the morning?

At the heart of everything I do is creativity and asking the right questions, exploring ideas and placing the emphasis on divergent thinking right from the start, ensuring we are not just solving the problem right, but also the right problem.

What’s your Career Objective?

I have always found my passion for creating digital products at the intersection of technology and design. I love creating products that our users can experience and interact with, and that is firmly where I want to plant my feet in the future. I have a solid foundation and experience in UX and UI Design and have taught myself enough technical knowledge to build full-stack Javascript applications that solve real customer problems. I see myself pursuing any number of job roles to be part of a team that loves delivering digital products.




Executive Creative Director

Jul 2015 – Present

Started as employee #4 and the first digital designer and web developer at BIGBrave.

Set the vision for digital design. Build up and lead the design team.

Introduced UX and the Human-Centered way to design. This is now the core of the business.

Pioneered the technical team and established the key technology stack we build in.

Helped increase the business bottom line with 400% growth year-on-year.

Helped grow the team to more than double the original size, mentoring talent along the way.

Innovation Boutique™

Innovation Boutique™

Design Executive Officer

Aug 2014 – June 2015

Help customers craft and build unique brands.

Set the vision for the work we want to do and clients we aim to attract.

Built a large scale eCommerce platform with over 5,000 products and transacting on average 1,2 million loyalty points per month.

Spent time giving back through pro-bono work with a range of digital work to various beneficiaries in our network to better establish their businesses.

Creative Ink™ - Digital Agency

Creative Ink™ - Digital Agency

Designer and Developer (Co-Founder)

Oct 2005 – Jul 2014

Co-founded Creative Ink during my last year of studying, growing the business over time.

Lead a small team of designers consisting of our internal team as well as various freelancers.

Designed a handful of SA’s biggest Radio Station websites for the SABC including 5FM, Metro FM, TruFM to name a few.

Design, Developed and maintained the Kaya FM website as their main source of digital identity. As a team we navigated them through the gauntlet that was the rise of Social Media.

The Open Window

The Open Window

Freelance Lecturer in Web Design

Apr 2009 – Apr 2010

I developed a curriculum - filling the gap between web design and development.

Lectured in Web Design and Development to second year degree students.

Helped mentor and guide students through the various intricacies of online technologies.

Mentored & guided the students to identify their strengths & navigate possible career paths.

Was selected as a moderator for final year degree student portfolios multiple times.

Was invited back to guest lecture from time to time in Interactive Design Studies.

M-Net (New Media)

M-Net (New Media)

Digital Designer

Jan 2006 – Jun 2006



Digital Designer

Oct 2005 – Dec 2005



Web Designer (Co-Founder)

Apr 2003 – Jul 2005


The Open Window

The Open Window

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design


UX Design Institute / Glasgow Caledonian University

UX Design Institute / Glasgow Caledonian University

Professional Diploma in UX Design




MIT’s Approach to Innovation and Design Thinking (NQF 6 Certificate)


AAA School of Advertising

AAA School of Advertising

Digital Marketing Strategy (NQF 6 Certificate)


Online Courses I've done

Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation

2018 - Present

UX Management: Strategy and Tactics

UI Design Patterns for Successful Software

Get Your Product Used: Adoption and Appropriation

Become a UX Designer from Scratch

User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide

Design Thinking: The Beginner's Guide

Wes Bos Training

Wes Bos Training

2018 - Present

Advanced React and GraphQL

ES6 for Everyone (Master Package)

Learn Redux

Javascript 30

What the Flexbox?

CCS Grid

Command Line Power User



2013 - Present

GraphQL with React: The Complete Developers Guide

Build an app with React, Redux and Firestore from scratch

React 16 - The Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

Angular and Firebase - Build a Web App with Typescript

Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch

Basics of Scrum, Agile and Project Delivery

Mastering Agile Scrum Project Management

UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development

LevelUp Tutorials

LevelUp Tutorials

2018 - Present

Pro Gatsby 1

Pro Gatsby 2

Level 2 React (Intermediate React Skills)

Level 1 Electron

Level 1 Apollo Client with React

Better Javascript

Headless WordPress with Next.js & Gatsby

React & Redux for Everyone

Modern CSS Layouts

Next Level CSS Animations & Transitions

The Sketch Guide

Tools & Technology

Tools, Software and Technologies I love to use...

JavaScript / ES6+
Hyper Terminal
Adobe XD
InVision Studio
InVision / Prototyping / Design Systems
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Firebase / Firestore